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Default custom mix tricopter with servo vector vanes

Hi, new to HeliFreak!
My title says it all, CCD3 Revo, tricopter but with servo vanes under each rotor.
I can't get on the OpenPilot website/forums because my browser thinks there's a security issue.

I didn't realise both the firmware and software are now old school, but it was the cheapest GPS capable FC.
Also I thought lots of support with configuring for experimental craft.

I read through the custom mixers threads, but I will need horizontal movement x and y only to be via servo's on the under rotor vanes. Is that going to be possible? There is always trig involved with any multirotor to go sideways in an arbitrary direction, but I hope I can keep the three motors just for stabilisation in pitch and roll. That is, the aim is keeping the craft level when it maintains GPS postion, rather than tilting. Low wind speed conditions only required, and hover not acrobatics or speed.
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