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Originally Posted by Quality3011 View Post
Thx, In general, I am flying on 2000 rpm, probably in the future, I'll go for 2100-2200 max. I am using a 21T stock pin for 12S, Mr. Mel's head speed calculator says to get 2000rpm with 14S I need an 18T pin and it exists.

I am worried about motor (but it seems nothing worry about after your comment) and about bogging of the head speed...

I want to get as best power as possible to prevent bogging at all. That's why I am thinking to move to the 14S setup.
I've found that higher KV 12s motors tend to be as aggressive or even more aggressive as the lower kv 14s variants at 14s. They have fewer turns and thicker wire which means that they can handle more current, which in turns means that they can handle more power given the same voltage. The overall motor torque may be lower given the fewer turns, but on the other hand the mechanical torque is increased by running a higher gear ratio.
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