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Default Looking for Vcontrol/Vbar setup values Comet

Has anyone posted values for the Mini Comet? I have Vcontrol Tx and Neo.
First flight was big grins but a little tail wag, no biggie. Didn't roll or pitch very quickly. Second flight played with reduced tail rotor gains but it didn't really reduce the wag. The tail just got sloppy. Raised the cyclic value from 70 to 80 to speed up cyclic but every time I did a loop in any head speed (I have 3600/4200/4800) about half way around the heli started shaking like a leaf, looked like all three axes (axis?). I came in and redid the cyclic and pitch setup. +-95 gives +-13 degrees pitch but I have to go down to 65 to get an honest 8 degrees cyclic. Thats not in the suggested range of 80 or higher but I'll see how it flies tomorrow.
Overall i really like it. It is easy to see like the 380 and flies smoothly "like a bigger heli" looking forward to getting it dialed and see how fast it goes
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