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Now, realy? I have modded all of my 230S (and even 130S) to XT30. This is plenty of size for the current they drain.
I have sent two esc for repair to HH, (In Germany, thats my Location...) and they didnīt mind. Both were replaced, no Issues.

Batterys of the size fitting 130S and 230S often are equipped with XT30, so You do not have to change Plugs.
Yes my new batteries had XT60 connectors and that is why I modded the ESC. To be honest I have not had problems with the JST connectors but thought the larger connectors were better. I had a lot of trouble getting a response from HH Germany as they also cover the UK now, but they returned the ESC to me un-repaired with a letter saying it had been modified. I admit this was in a transition phase when the HH support capability in the UK was closing down but I now feel I don't have HH support anymore.
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