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Default Torque Constant (Kt)

A bldc motor torque constant (Kt) can be computed from the voltage constant (ke). I simply divided 1 by the Kv multiplied this value by the highest winding factor potential for a 22 pole 24 slot machine which was. .95766. This seems to agree well enough with Neu specifications.Extrapolated from his Kt values I found a factor of .956828(1/Kv)=Kt throughout the 46 series so were pretty close with this calculation. You could use either and the number wont change significantly.

For a 4638(289) as an example I calculate the Kt to be 33.137 mNm/A or .0244 ftpounds/A from this we can easily predict a stall torque based on the 10 second Preece and 1 second Onderdonk fusing values of the phase conductor.
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