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Originally Posted by abhi19nav View Post
Wow! This looks sooo awesome!

Did you have to modify the stock frame for this.. or does it fit in directly?

And how good is the fuselage detail wise? It seems too expensive.. but if its really good quality I would buy one..
This particular one was not expensive when I bought it. I think it was around $80.00us. It was a fiberglass body not a shell. In the end, it turned out way to heavy for the 230 to lift it off the ground. Modifications were many to both frame and body. I sold the body to a fellow who had a couple of 250 helis. Check out Heli-Scale Quality they have several nice non fiberglass bodies for the 230. But no Airwolf. I have seen Bell 222 body, but no Airwolf for a while now. Only large scale.

Spektrum Dx8g2, blade 230s, blade 450x, 250 size Airwolf scale
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