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Default What to get? 230s V2 or 150s or MCPX2 or Nano2

I have an itch to get a new heli. dont want to go over $300 Heli + Batts. I have a 230s v1 a 230s night v1 and a 130s. I have other helis but for this question that's it.

I want to spend more time flying and its winter in Colorado. having 2 230s is the V2 that big of a deal. I fly them just fine but i have never flown a V2. I like my 130s better size for a truck heli. 150s is a bit bigger than the 130s so it's closer to the 230's but it has all the V2 electronics goodies. but then the MCPX2 is small i had one before and it was twitchy but it would take a beating. Maybe a nano 2? I liked my old nano until i blinged it to death. then sold it on ebay and got 30% of what i had in it. it looked cool all blue and 3 bladed.

help me spend my money.

I'm thinking Nano 2 and keeping it stock. MCPX2 is all brushless and Colorado.

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