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The nCPS is (as Thomas already stated) a SAFE heli...a large difference from the nCPX

The nCPS was downgraded to an intermediate...while the nCPX was an Advanced Class machine

In the hands of a capable pilot (one locally that I personally have seen do it) the stock nCPX and stock mCPX are insane...with no tail blowout whatsoever...thanks to the collective management skills of said local pilot - even in inverted tail-first circuits

In it's absence...great collective management can be "bought" by upgrading the tail motors to the OverSky 7mm...and the main motor to an OverSky outrunner if You have the ability and needed parts

Doing that will give 10 times the stock power...but comes at about triple the initial cost of the model (IF you can find parts to do it with)

The 130S is pretty much the same...a downgraded SAFE version of the 130X...which is My personal choice for indoor gym flying along with My heavily modded brushless main motored nCPX's and mCPX's with the stock brushed motors

You'll nearly always get what You are willing to pay for...but few get a Porsche for the price of a VW

Biggest bang for the buck indoors with hard floors and no soft crash spots? A small quad such as the Nano QX or Nano QX 3D...even the 180QX is a great indoor model

In the right hands...they'll run circles around the typical foamy planes that most fly during the winter months
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