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Default Problems with S2. not much lift plus other stuff

Hi, I recently upgraded from my old trusty nano cpx which I loved a lot. Bought the new S2.

I have encountered 3 problems so far. Never crashed it but I will explain what's going on.

1. There is very little lift compared to the cpx. Even at full throttle it barely has enough power to rise. It will lift very slowly. All other movement seems OK, and I have it set up as per the blade manual.

2. There is a bit of a delay when I cut the power, even with throttle hold. The rotor stays powered longer than it should compared to the cpx nano, where it would instantly cut the power if I jam down the throttle. This seems to affect flight, as you can not perform sudden movements as well.

3. After I've been flying for a minute or 2, the LED on the chopper turns red. What does this mean?

Any advice or tips would be great. The chopper is very stable, but I would prefer it to handle more like the cpx nano. The cpx was a beast, so fast and snappy. This thing feels like an underpowered drone in comparison.

Thanks for your advice, I'm looking forward to getting the S2 running nicely.
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