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Originally Posted by nrk2of3 View Post
I was thinking 270 Fusion but its a budget blower for me. It would have become an instant hanger queen. only flown at 10% of its capabilities. Looking cool in all its fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber wonderment. as I explain how flipping a helicopter is just showy. I fully intend on beating the hell out of my 180 cfx and the new 180 fusion. i have the 230's for bashing around day and night. and a 130s that is just small enough to sneek into the gym
Yep, I run my hanger in a similar fashion. My 3D practice w/the 230s V2, and MCPX BL, and my 300x's are more for sport flight, and they are blinged-out and make nice shelf-queens. I'll probably get a 180 Fusion when I feel I can get the most out of it and not worry about 3D without a panic button.
Blade 230 S V2, 300x (own 3), MCPX BL, MCX2, Spektrum ix12
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