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Mode 0 and mode 2 are two completely different worlds, and essentially two completely different control methods. In self levelling flight modes (mode 0 and 1), the heli self levels when stick is centered, and you have to hold the stick off-center for the heli to stay tilted at an angle. In stunt mode (mode 2), there is no self levelling, and the heli will stay at whatever angle it was last at when you let go of the stick. Bumping the stick just momentarily in any direction will tilt the heli very fast, and it will stay at that angle until you tilt it back the other way.

mode 0: to fly forward, you need to HOLD the cyclic stick forward.
mode 2: to fly forward, you bump the cyclic stick forward for only an instant and then let go of the stick, and the heli stays tilted forward and flies forward.
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