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I really liked this post. I would change 1 to there will always be another Goblin I want LOL.

Seriously I have sold a few helis I wish I would have kept, especially at the beginning. As I grew up from crashing and tail-in hover to actually have the slight feeling I am in control, I would have loved to fly now the helis I sold as I couldn't really even judge how much I liked them. It's not like they were a ton but definitely every heli I sold I miss today. It is a bummer I needed the money for funding something else.

Originally Posted by Varelco View Post
Few things over the years...

1.There will always be another heli you will want
2. Don't be too hasty to 'sell up' I've sold all sorts over the years and then ended up having to buy the very same thing much later on.
3. 550 class helis are overrated.
4. The importance of good gear ratios and weight.
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