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I put a 40A in an airplane. It works great and the telemetry works well also. The only thing about the Neurons is the size. It is a pretty big package so it is not doable in the smaller helis. They have a 7A BEC in them which is nice also. Be aware that the 40, 60 and 80A versions are all the same size and weight so it seems sensless not to buy the 80A version. I totally missed that when first looking at them.They are coming out with the NeuronS in 40 and 60A size that are going to be smaller and lighter but they will only have a 5A BEC.
Two other caveats are that you need a BLheli USB linker to program them and there is quite a discussion on some safety concerns with the s-port circuit over in RCGroups which you would want to look at before using one.
All that being said I like the one I have and am planning on picking up a few more.
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