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I've been out flying this week quite a bit as the weather has finally broken from constant rain. We now have the bright sun and no wind so ideal flying weather. In total my V1 has been in the air for just under two hours this week but today I noticed that I was getting some vibration. It turned out to be a slightly bent mainshaft. This is strange as I have not crashed the heli or hit the rotors against anything. The vibration developed over the last three or four flights so I am assuming the mainsaft might have been bent through centrifugal force from some imballance with the blades. They are very old blades but seem to work ok..I've bent the shaft back straight and it was bent at the flats for the aluminium collar grub screw. It straightened with a very light tap. I'm going to get new blades and a shaft. Has anyone else had this happen with a heli.
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