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Default This thing is possessed edit... fixed...

Ok, I thought I would give blade on last try for winter indoor practice in my basement.

I did a full setup as per the manual, and bind.

I have to say I donít like the safe features and the stability crap but not my choice....

On this Heli the only way to get standard CP control is via flight mode 2. So be it...

Now in flight mode 0 nothing happens and there is no swash movement.

Flight mode 1 uses throttle to control throttle and pitch. Not a fan...

Flight mode 2 uses standard setup of full throttle with collective pitch with the throttle stick..,

Now when in throttle hold and flight mode 2 with the throttle stick at mid range the blades drift into full negative pitch. When I release the throttle hold the Heli jumps in the air with limited control.

Wow, what the heck is happening??? This is my 8th blade Heli and I was able to maintain a full 130x fleet in amazing shape...

What am I missing??

Iím an idiot that is what... stupid me I read the directions instead of checking helifreak!!!!

Bind with rudder to right with a dx9....

All good now. I knew I was off the sticks for a while but did not think I lost it that bad....
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