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Originally Posted by Psycho_dad View Post
Couldn't agree more

A few weeks ago, my dad bought a nano S2 to practice his indoor movements. He uses the nano only in idle2 (stunt mode) and he was 100% enthusiastic in a way that he convinced me to order one as well... so I did.

Long story short: My order got delayed and I ended up flying my dad's nano S2...I don't like this heli at all It's way too stable and it reacts really funny on stick movements (feels like a delay when you hit throttle up or down). Since my order was delayed I was able to cancel it.

Nano S2 is a no go for me...I'll stick to my cps to practice my inverted flights.
Since the nano cps has been discontinued and isn't available anymore in any shop near my village…. I did purchase a nano S2 eventhough I stated in my previous message the S2 is a no go for me .

Why did I buy it?

Well I recently bought an Align 150x as the successor of my nano cps => the idea was (and still is) once I've mastered a certain move/skill on my cps, I would than move over to the 150X.

My current cps is on the end of its career and I wanted to have an micro heli in my fleet which I can toss around indoors, practise new moves without busting the bank after every crash... and that's where the nano S2 comes in the picture. Even though it is much too stable for my likings, I will use it to learn new moves, to maintain and enlarge my muscle memory during winter time etc etc

Would I choose a cps above a S2 ==> 200% yes

I will definately play with the expo ratings to give it the nano cps-feeling. Someone in this threat mentioned to enter -55% of expo.

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