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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
Pack may be sagging way below 3.85 while flying. I think the plug is suspect #1, but if you change it, you'll also be stuck with that board. Decisions ....
That's what I was referring to in reference to the LVC being high. I should have been more specific. Thanks for mentioning it.

This is the first micro that I have experienced this with. I inhibit LVC on programmable ESC for this reason. This is another topic... Capacitors/backups...

Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
I put the PH 2.0 connector on mine. Haven't had any issues. I have my timer at 5 minutes and run it to the end. I don't do hard 3D though.
PH2, 12 GNB 260 HV packs and, BFPV main motors arrived Tuesday. Tail motors are out fot delivery.

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