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Originally Posted by Andy from Sandy View Post
And what would they be please?
When you start off you need to solder the leads onto the pads shown in the BLHeli document and shown in the second post of this thread. You can then flash the ESC with the bootloader and the relevant BLHeli firmware using the C2 interface (you either need a C2 programmer USB or you can build an Arduino Nano as a C2 programmer).

Once you have flashed the bootloader you have two options - you can either continue as you are and connect via the C2 interface (and Arduino programmed as C2 interface) or you can rebuild the Arduino with the BLHeli Bootloader firmware and plug the ESC servo lead into the Arduino and use the BLHeli Bootloader protocol.

To swap between the 2 modes you basically use the "Make Interfaces" tab to rebuild and reflash the Arduino between the two types.
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