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Default Version 6.0.2 is the latest

Version 6.0.2 is out - I'm currently playing with the demo version (installed this evening on a 10 yo old laptop). I don't have the necessary hardware, but it evidently now supports VR (Occulus an OpenVR APIs) and AVIrem StickMover.

Didn't even know about this product (have been running only Phoenix 5.5, RealFlight 7.5 and ACCURC 2.0.). Discovered this yesterday while surfing MotionRC (which is evidently an authorized reseller here in the USA).

The models are old, but one good thing it has going for it, (like Phoenix),... is a Henseleit TDR!

Haven't formulated an opinion on it yet - need to install it onto my new main Windows gaming box. First impression is that it is primitive compared to the others.
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