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Originally Posted by e92.M3 View Post
Here you go. Sorry for the delay.
For background:All of them upgraded with SUT tail motor.

1) First pic: oldest K110 that I have. Hundreds and hundreds of flight but still on the on stock main motor. Only upgrade that I did is put the metal swash that I got from a different K110 and Hobbyking servos (the old ones got stripped). As you can see, I maxed out the start up power possibly due to an old motor. Also the target governor is on the high side.

2) About 6 months old but also hundreds of flights. Upgraded to metal grip (I stripped the plastic grip hole). The rest all stock.

3) Age unknown. Bought here used. All stock.
I note that the motor selection is mcpx, with specs that I assume are for that micro. I note that the K110 stock motor is 11,000 kV, which is lower than the 13,600 in the BLHeli suite. I haven't been able to find out any more information about the stock motor.
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