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Default Looking for other ESC choices

I maidened my 700 yesterday, first flight was amazing, second flight not so much! My 200a tribunis crapped out and caused a no control crash! I should have made sure my back-up guard was charged but figured It would self charge after a few flights.... mY mistake that I will never make again. This is the 3rd crash caused my version 1 scorpion tribunis esc's for me and I have 2 other flying buddies that have had the same thing. The integration is amainzg but I cant fly something I am not confident in. I have a 130 that has been awesome but this one was made when they were coming out with the version 2 and I hear it uses the version 2 FETs which im guessing is the issue. Anyway what else do I have out there. I want built in BEC and ofcourse integration with vcontrol would be great. I know HW is coming out soon with their integration for the version 4 platinums. Is the red rebranded align 130 a version 4? is a HW 130a enough for the logo 700 flying hard 3d? Im not looking to spend a fortune on kontronik or YGE so question how is castle these days? I see they have a talon 120, could that work ?
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