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The Ender 3 is a great choice simply because the user base is one of the largest in 3D printing. Tons and tons and tons of great info out there (and some bad). Very few other printers have a user base as large as the Ender 3.

It's a nice printer out of the box but IMO requires a few easy mods to make it reliable. Teaching Tech has some good videos about the Ender 3.

It just uses regular filament. I would say "most" printers don't require any proprietary filament spools... the ones that do I'd avoid like the plague. The whole philosophy of 3D printing is open-ness and open source, making it closed source and/or proprietary is lame and most people in the community hate it. It locks you into overpriced parts, components, and filaments. You can get a decent spool of PLA for $16 on Amazon... you can't use that for printers that use proprietary filament spools. Lame.

Generally speaking I'd avoid ABS. It has very few advantages over PETG besides temperature handling, and many more disadvantages. If you try to print it without an enclosure, chances are it will warp. It's super annoying. PETG has almost everything ABS has and is way easier to print. I built an enclosure for my printer, and now I can print ABS, but even with what I have now it will still warp if it's too big or my offset from the nozzle to bed is a bit too far or even too close. It's finicky and usually not worth it. To print ABS guaranteed will every time, you need an actively heated enclosure that can hit and maintain at least 55-60C air temperature. That's pretty hard to do.
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