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Originally Posted by Skiddz View Post
I did some more reading about the Ender3, specifically the "must have" upgrades and quite honestly, I'd need to toss another $120 or so at the thing before I ever set it up and then I'd have leftover parts/pieces so 1 more point in favor of the Mega S.

Having said that, I *do* like the open source bit about the Ender and the ability to use different firmware *but*, at this time, I wouldn't know the differences between the capabilities so that point is almost moot.

Looks like Amazon has the Mega S "new upgrade" for $299 and I just happen to have $200 in Amazon gift cards.

Regardless of which unit I choose, I'll probably buy from Amazon since I do have those gift cards...

You have to take a bit of those must have upgrade posts/reviews with a grain of salt. Watch the YouTube's and check out how printer behaves as it comes. Everyone geeks out later and does all sorts of mods.

Having more hobbies than time, I somehow convinced myself that printer mods were not going to be a new hobby.
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