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I'm a noob with 3d printing so this post will probably get laughed at and thrown in the bin, I looked for a while and couldn't decide what to get and gave up, pricing was a factor and ironically may have ended up spending more than I did. I went with a Tevo flash and not sure if it is considered junk against the models listed here or even in general. I don't print a lot but have done some fairly long prints, I think the ls3 block was the longest or maybe something of my own design which was roughly 10 hours.

I have never really had any major issues, the only one being the push fitting at the filament extruder which I replaced and modded slightly so the PTFE tube would not come out, but other than that it has been pretty good for me. Certainly at a beginner level I find it pretty awesome. YMMV though.

Not sure of it's expandability with some of the options your talking about, wifi etc. I had a few prints go haywire in the beginning and wanted to monitor it so I just set my video camera up as a baby cam type setup and monitored from my tablet. Although after I had ironed out sticking issues I don't really use the cam anymore.
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