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Default only positive pitch

I have been flying it hard trying to learn flips indoors..and had some crashes, I too experienced this extreme positive pitch in normal mode, oddly enough mode stunt 1/ collective pitch works as it should at mid stick... So looking further I found that the main shaft has slipped up through the main gear probably 1/8". The collar and rubber grommet sitting on top on the top main bearing are not holding their position. I push down on the rotor and up on the main gear at the same time. This pushed the main shaft back down to factory position. pitch problems solved.. but the problem now is its slipping up and down on any hard knock..thinking I will go head and put a small drop of ca on the top collar , bind it to the main shaft. Ultimately I will need to go to microheli and buy an alum swash, titanium shaft and the swash tool fix it good...
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