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Originally Posted by RoboHeli View Post
Originally Posted by XxXSkysurferXxX View Post
The more you spend the better it will fly.

Ha ha! That's a cautionary statement if I've ever heard one before! If you need to upgrade, identifying the specific parts you need to address is super important. Case in point: my old Blade 130Xs fly great and always have once I spent a little money to change out and upgrade 3 specific problem areas and nothing more.

Originally Posted by Gladius View Post
The more you fly, the better you will fly.

Quoted for truth. [IMG class=inlineimg] peace.gif[/IMG]
Agreed. When I modify a heli, I try to do so to achieve a specific goal, to fix a problem area or improve a system.

Not just throwing random parts.
130X parts wanted! The Precious! You has the Precious!
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