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Printer showed up today with not so much as a peep from the Amazon delivery guy. I just happened to go check the front porch and it was sitting there.

Got it all assembled and spent about 2 hours getting everything square and plumb. X and Y axes I got to within .0005 of square/plumb and Z axis is about 0.001 'cuz that's as close as I could get it...

Tried Cura for slicing, but it's choking on the height when generating G-Code (showing 229mm height when the model is only 48mm tall) and causing OctoPrint to spit out an error and it won't print. I installed the Creality slicer and it worked perfectly.

I've been sitting here watching the video as it grinds away.

BLTouch is due here tomorrow so if my test print works ok, I'm gonna print up a mount and dive in to that tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, for the record, bed leveling sucks....

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