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If I can add my 2 cents, DO NOT BUY THE RTF with the stupid new radio they include with it. Its JUNK and difficult to use (I am a 30+ year flyer since the beginning of radios) so I am far from a newb! I made the mistake because I do not (and will NEVER use) any Spektrum overpriced pieces of junk. I ONLY went RTF BECAUSE I hate Spektrum! Big mistake, but unfortunately until Blade offers anything else other than Spektrum, we are screwed and stuck with it! I love my Nano S2 and is my only small heli (600/700/800) but it rocks 3D just not as easy as with my normal radio! I wish they would offer a BNF with other radios (I.E. a real radio openTX compatible) so I can use it with Taranis! I know, I know, I can add modules to my openTX BUT, I havent gotten it to work with a Nano.

Also, I definitely agree with the aluminum swash, specifically Rakonheli!

I know my comments may open up a debate about Spektrum, but it was not meant that way. If users are happy paying hundreds/thousands more to get the same thing I get in OpenTX with Tarnis, by all means, to each his/her own. I am not bad mouthing Spektrum, but I like to get the most for my buck and I ONLY deal with Open Source (I.E. Android/Linux/OpenTX). I am a senior system architect and a developer in my day job so I only use open source. Its the same reason I wont ever buy or use iCrap, I get more out of my Android than I ever could from Crapple products, same with Windows and Linux, why pay for something when you dont have to and can modify the guts out of it? That is my main issue with Spektrum, not the quality, but the cost and for what you get for that cost.
TRex 600/700/800 (as of 1/2020 also Nano S2) --> 3D is the ONLY type of flight for me!

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