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I'm going to finish adding and setting up safety gear to my Oxy 4 Max.

- Yesterday I added a smoothing 470 microfarad capacitor to my FBL unit just in case. The port that it's plugged in to is being used for something else too, so I needed to use a Y-splitter. It's not the best I know to have the capacitor separated from the FBL unit by extra wire or connections, but whattayagonnado.

- Today I'll finish the setup and testing of my lost-model alarm from ALoft Hobbies. This thing can send an annoying sound at the flip of a switch (rather than inactivity or low battery, although it can also do both of those). What's cool is that since it operates using a channel, you can set your failsafe to activate the alarm. That way if something goes really awry people will be warned is it comes screaming in toward them. // I was going to complete the setup for it last night but the damn this is too loud for the sleeping kids and the gaming wife.
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