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Default Just because it's absolutely none of your business

Originally Posted by rdlohr View Post
LOL, it counts only if it allows you to see your helis better...
Or lets you drive to fly the helis ...
Or lets you drive to buy helis ...
Or lets you drive to a friends to talk about helis ...

Oh hell, did you at least think about helis while you were doing it?

I'm mounting my spy door bell camera on a stick because the neighbor kid is skimming my Wi Fi - thinks he runn's the Universe.

Mounting it on the fence pointed directly at his door - he only speaks Jibber Jaber.
After he runs out and hops around all excited looking for it - I'm moving it again !
When he run's back in to double check what he see's.

Point it directly at his other door this time ! He will learn.

Then going to take my flying comfort weasel out for a Lil Hover - That will really confuse him.

Tomorrows plan is to attach bell's under a few of the bird feeders cause some thing is eating all the sun flower seeds and it ain't the squirrels - They can't pronounce it.
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