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Originally Posted by GREYEAGLE View Post
I'm mounting my spy door bell camera on a stick because the neighbor kid is skimming my Wi Fi - thinks he runn's the Universe.

Mounting it on the fence pointed directly at his door - he only speaks Jibber Jaber.
After he runs out and hops around all excited looking for it - I'm moving it again !
When he run's back in to double check what he see's.

Point it directly at his other door this time ! He will learn.

Then going to take my flying comfort weasel out for a Lil Hover - That will really confuse him.

Tomorrows plan is to attach bell's under a few of the bird feeders cause some thing is eating all the sun flower seeds and it ain't the squirrels - They can't pronounce it.
It's nice that you and he have some common ground.
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