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That's too bad about the crash. I have run them right from the beginning. I have 3 - 200 amp. Two are V1 and one is V2. I had a 06-120 V1 just sold it. I have 2 - 130 amp. Only ever had one issue with a update on a 200 became unresponsive. I sent it back to Scorpion and they repaired it. But shipping was expensive. Too bad there isn't a repair utility if this happens. Strange because I had done lots of firmware upgrades with zero issues. I am running the repaired 200 in a heli again without a issue.

I I was going to use something else right now it would probably be a YGE. If Hobbywing had the integration with VControl released I would go that way.

If it was the BEC that failed the cheaper fix would be to add a Western Robotics Super BEC until Hobbywing gets the integration in place..
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