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Responded to the post before I saw that it was on the Xnova motor support section. My mistake and apologies if I have offended anyone.
In answer to your comment, I am not a factory pilot and I am not paid to express my opinion on any products. I have the freedom of choice here with models, motors and escs.
I started with a Goblin 380 soon after they first came out, running a small Scorpion motor. This was changed to the Xnova 890 and then 930. I bought the Goblin 420 spares to convert my G380 to a G420 and was happily flying the 420 before the kits were available in the U.K. A couple of years back, I fitted the Egodrift 960 to the G380 and retired the G420. Very happy with the G380 running a Kolibri esc and Egodrift motor.
My flying style is big air, and I have recently purchased a Goblin Buddy, Kolibri 60 esc, Egodrift 900 motor and gdw servos. The buddy is built, but waiting on the servo delivery from China to complete. Think I will be blown away by this model when I get it flying.
So apologies for responding to a post before realising it was under a support section. The opinion I expressed is mine, and not paid for by any specific brand. Just sharing my experiences in a great hobby.
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