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Default HobbyWing Platinum

I've now got 2 HobbyWing Platinum 4.1 ESCs with SBEC. I could not be happier with them. And I just downloaded and installed the new firmware for the VBar telemetry integration.

They aren't cheap, but they are around half the price of the Kontronic. I think my local hobby store got them to me for around $425 each including the shipping.

I have one in a Logo 700 (Xnova 4525) and another in an SAB Kraken (Xnova 4525). The motors in both models get warm, the ESC just about warm and I'm flying 7 to 8 minutes using Roaring Top 5500mah, 35C packs.

Tons of power, lots of punch.
Chris Berardi
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