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Here are some quick spots in the manual that others have maybe not understood.

Before disconnecting the battery from the ESC,
it's essential to await the confirmation (step 8),
otherwise the KOLIBRI sees an incomplete
programming and will lock preventing any
potential issues by this and will flash 9 times to
indicate the mode programming has not been

So make sure you let it go to the end of beeps.

Please note that Futaba can only be used
with the sensorport 1 (the one in the front).
The sensor port at the side of the KOLIBRI
140 LV cannot be used with Futaba.

Also make sure you use sensor port 1, you can NOT use sensor port 2 for Futaba telemetry.

Also as something else to try, try inhibiting kontronik on sensor port 8 in the 18sz and select kontronik on sensor port 16.
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