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Default Fixed!

Thanks to Dr. Ben at Kontronik I got this issue resolved. I'm sharing his response here, in hopes it will help someone else out in the future with their Futaba Telemetry issues.

First, it DOES work. It's just a little fussy about set up. I went out and did a fresh set up with my own Kolibri before writing this to make sure of order of steps.

-Make double damn certain you have the receiver in the correct config. I don't think there is a way to make the -2 slot slot anything other than Sbus-2, but make sure of it. Go into the telemetry section in the radio and inhibit all the slots if any are populated. Then assign slot 16 to Kontronik esc. For the ID, MANUALLY input 133 beside slot 16. I think I got the radio to automatically register once, but this way is much easier. That ID number is not unique to a given linked receiver and esc combination.

-Make sure you have the esc in Futaba telemetry mode. You can do it by counting the beeps, but it's easier to see and confirm what is going on by looking at the computer screen with Progunit. Either way make sure you have not made a mistake. Gotta be Futaba. Gotta be front port.

-Reboot the transmitter. Relink the receiver. Make sure you drive the receiver with the ESC's BEC because the linking has to occur with the esc powered up. If you don't then see telemetry data, restart everything once more (not relinking, just unplug and replug).
NOTE: BE CAREFUL of what is going on when you link the receiver. You can get a successful CONTROL link with the receiver without getting a telemetry link. Watch the green light on the receiver closely. It MUST go green DURING the music being played by the transmitter. If you get green AFTER you hit the CLOSE button, then you only have flight control, not telemetry.
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