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Originally Posted by reALIGNed View Post
I love flying my 'Mini, but my old eyes are straining to see small details on my phone screen. I like to fly low and inspect my livestock fences for damage, etc. but on my smart phone screen......its too small. Wondering if I can simply plug something into my lap top (from my phone) and use the laptop screen for better viewing. Thanks.
I do not know a way to hook your laptop to your phone to make that work. Only thing i know you could do would be to get a Tablet. But be sure to check and see if anyone else has one that works with the mavic mini My HUGE complaint with it, it its very very picky on what devices will work with it, I have the Spark and have 3 devices i can fly with it, I tried the same 3 for the DJI Fly app for the Mini mavic and none would work.. I do have a new phone it downloaded to and seemed to work but its crazy to have less of a app but requires much more of a device.

I have been told its because it DJI Fly app is compatible only with 64 bit processors and OS (operative system).

good luck.
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