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I waited for two months and I've never been so excited to wait this long for a toy. I've now had it 3 months and I absolutely hate this helicopter. My very first flight the tail motor quit working or so it seemed. Even at Full Throttle I could throw 100% Rudder in either direction and only very occasionally would the tail motor start to spin but it would never spin fast enough keep it facing One Direction. Banggood sent me a tail motor. I wired it in and now the thing just goes in circles. I ordered a new board and a couple of extra tail Motors. Brand new board and a brand new tail Motor and lo and behold it spins in circles. I've now had a chance to study what it's doing and I'm even more lost than the first day I tried to fly it. When slowly spooling up the tail moves to the right a little bit and is easily corrected. I can get to about 3/4 throttle and I have control of the rudder and just at the point of lift off 8 out of 10 times will begin to spiral out of control but never is it consistent which direction it's going to spin out of control. When it is 6 in or more off the ground and spinning out of control there is no amount of Rudder that can stop the spin. It works absolutely fine until your 2 in off the ground... I'm absolutely lost and I'm about to throw this thing in the garbage. Besides the main board what tells the tail motor how to respond? I realized these were probably made by small children but to have two boards doing the exact same thing seems really hard to believe.
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