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Recently I stumbled across the wireless RX2SIM wireless adapter in an online shop.
It had a pretty interesting feature comparison with the other available "Simstick Professional" adapter.

A LHS has a USB (wired) interface cable in stock for ~21EUR from a German distributor... probably need to buy something more expensive to receive quality and more than limited 4-5 channel support instead of going for cheaper China dongles/interfaces with USB signal problems / channel jitter?!

I would be interested to successfully connect the Walkera Devo10 transmitter to one of my two old PCs to be able to either use ClearView or Heli-X or Multiplex MultiFlight with a true joystick/gamecontroller interface support.

Unfortunately I have several problems with the RF InterLink Elite USB controller or the Devo10 in USBHID mode on these two (old) computers and the helis act quite strange in Heli-X V4.2 with a heavy (left roll + back) drift even with a good mid signal (I have calibrated several times in Windows + SIM).
Heli-X9c demo shows me a rendering there is some other issue with the Nvidia graphics card driver or not supporting the full OpenGL 2.0 spec and renderers/shaders.
Probably this is caused by the older computer hardware and quite old and low-spec graphic cards.

The two Spektrum wireless adapters from HorizonHobby are even more expensive but for sure are not supported by RF 6.5.
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