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Yeah, the wireless Spektrum interfaces make sense for this thread where Soccerjay asked about the DX8 and where the SIM supports that (older RealFlight 6.5 + RF7.5 does not).

But the price for the Spektrum interface is 42-46EUR...not that cheap.
Half the price of the RF9 software.
But the same is true for the 21EUR limited wired USB cable.


I do have the Devo10 which works with the DSMx protocol.

Anyway, I have plans to use the 4-in-1 HF-modul for Bayang, Futaba S-FHSS, FrskyX,...

I think I could save some money by going with the Frsky wireless XSR SIM USB interface:

The DeviationTX firmware supports several Frsky protocols any many channels and switches are allowed with this USB interface in contrast to several USB simulator cables.

Would be interesting to retest Heli-X V4.2 if my nick/roll drift issues are gone...

With the proprietary Reflex XTR V5.03 (1st blue dongle) I did not have any issues with the Devo10 on this maybe it is important to have some USB interface quality and low noise.
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