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Originally Posted by bpjacobsen View Post
Does anyone know an easy way to install the little spur gear onto the motor shaft on the xk k110? Seems like a very tight fit. Somehow the stock one got loose and started sliding from the main gear. Didn't think that was possible
Oops, I re-read your post and it looks like you might have lost the old one so you have a different problem. It's a very thin shaft and it's going to bend if you use any force incorrectly. You need to support the motor so it's secure, I would use a wood bit to make a hole in an off cut and drop the motor into that, use some tape around it if it's a bit loose, then heat the pinion up. I would use the oven or a pencil torch, then when it's up to temp quickly drop it onto the motor shaft using something light weight like a pair of tweezers so you don't soak the heat out. If it freezes before it's right home you will need carefully press it the last bit with a vice. If it does go right home first time quench the the assembly with a damp cloth to stop the heat going into the bearing. Just my ten cents.
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