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I have learned a lot about the american way of

"Fun, Learning, Friendship and Mutual Respect"

into this thread!

Thank you so much for this!"

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Youre welcomed! What a generalizing and sweeping statement that encompasses all of America and its "way" . I don't represent the American way I represent 1. b.rother o.n o.wn (1BOHO) Get that part straight first.

But then you didn't learn it b4 me till after this.... I learned first a lot about the POWERCROCO way (not the German way) of "Fun, Learning, Friendship and Mutual Respect" into these thread"s" and post from his friends and him....All of Germany is definitely not represented by you or your peeps silly remarks so I wont do what u just did and hold all of Germany responsible for only U and your friends illustrated trash.

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Its all been fun till now?

There are many more right here on the freak(torqstar etc.) and abroad.....the nerve of your post coming across like some victim here considering the wonderful threads your friends started so they could gripe about having to speak in other languages.... English included LOL.

For all this you have obviously been very welcomed the same way..... maybe what they said in german there vs what it translates to here personified that positive spirit u all have? Read it again sam!

BTW It seems your English is much better today. You insult the intelligence of the moderators and expect what Okon? As if they and the world havent seen your million post aggrandizing in ENGLISH! You're silly and must think only Stevie Wonder frequents your clicks posts. You are right here posting in English. "Brillant"

Really? LOL!

I thought you left.....


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