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Default Binding issues TRex 150x with Futaba


I recently picked up a used TRex 150x here on HF. The previous owner had been flying Spectrum. I can't get it to bind to my Futaba.

I can connect with the app, and I updated the firmware and changed the radio type to S-FHSS. All of the setup features on the app seem to work fine.

When I insert the battery I see a blue light that then goes to a red flashing light. When I press the bind button the light changes to a flashing green light. Then a solid red light, then red flashing again.

I've tried 3 Futaba transmitters with no luck (My brand new 32mz, a 18sz, and an 14sg).

I've tried binding with the throttle at -100 and at +100.

Is there something else I should try before I start trying to replace things?
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