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Originally Posted by Vinger View Post
Makrocell setup is saved separately by the user and it will then be available in the cloud. It is always separate to the normal setup for either helicopter or plane.
Thanks. I've not been seeing them because I haven't used macrocells.

I guess the answer is potentially. Parsing the backup file took a lot of work and I imagine parsing the macrocells file is probably even more complex. If there are enough users to make it worthwhile, I could certainly investigate it.

If there are any developers here who feel they could contribute by writing a macrocell file parser, it would be easy enough for me to include it into the app. c# .net standard class library would do it

1.2.49 is up, now with sample data, stability improvements and flight duration in the summary pages. Temporarily removed model images while I figure out a better way of hosting the images on the device.
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