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Default DX6i woes and replacement advice?

I am considering either a DX6 G3, or DX8 G2. Are six channels really enough? Are these two radios decent enough quality?
I don't plan on ever flying scale or messing with retracts etc, and as long as I can easily setup/use panic recovery modes then I'd be happy. I've seen openTx etc, but I don't think I could find the time to really mess around with all that so something simple like a Spektrum would be attractive.

#rant: - sorry need to get this off my chest..
It's just sod's law ain't it - got my Nano S2 rebuilt, modded and serviced and better than ever. Get to the park and as soon as it connected to my DX6i, the swash kept tilting back rendering it unflyable.

Long story short, the elevator pot is knackered. Even after carefully cleaning several times with isopropyl alcohol, the problem keeps returning and just cannot get the elevator channel to centre anymore.
I'm just f**king glad this never happened while I was spooling up/taking off with my Blade 400 - that thing backflipping towards me would really have spoilt my day.

I have read that many people have had luck with HH doing cheap or even free repairs on the DX6i, but most of those stories seem years old and in the US. My DX6i is DSM2, second hand and I live in the UK.

But to be honest, even if I could get it fixed, I'd never trust one again with anything larger than my Nano or the sim.

It's made me consider jacking it all in. Before this, I was considering maybe selling the B400 (it's well upgraded, in perfect condition and flies beautifully) and maybe getting a Blade 150s or just buying the 150s as well.
But, my other half is starting to get pissed off with my new 'obsession' and a new radio I'd be happy with won't be cheap. Further, as I'm in the EU any new radio won't work with my DSM2 Blade 400 if I did decide to keep it.

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