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I have a hard time recommending a six-channel radio because I don't think it's enough. You need five channels just to control a CP heli, so a transmitter with six has only one more channel for variable gyro gain or flight mode selection for a stabilization system. Traditionally the radio people have made their entry-level units a six-channel system, but as the on-board technology increases on the aircraft, I hate to see people run into issues with a lack of channels sooner rather than later. I don't think a six-channel radio is the long-term investment it once was.

I'd say the quality is fine on those two transmitters. I haven't seen any unusual complaints there. They're very similar as you can tell by looking at them; the general design is the same. The DX9 is the last one that resembles the previous generation of Spektrum transmitters.

If you haven't seen this yet, here's a chart that compares all of the transmitters in a lot of detail.

Two things that stick out at me about the DX8 G2 are that it comes with the rechargeable battery (not included with DX6 G3) and having eight channels adds the knob input. I've found that knob handy many times for testing adjustments and finding the correct value to set other things at. So those two things combined with having more than six channels would make the DX8 worth it to me.

For your B400, could you also switch out the receiver with a very simple one so that you can get DSMX? I know, more money, but maybe you can go as basic as the AR620?
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