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Appreciate the input there flight, and that link is a great source of info.

I hear what you're saying, if money wasn't much of a consideration I'd likely buy a new DX9. Currently, I can't see myself buying of flying much more than a couple of BNFs from Blade - the financial jump to other kit helis such as Align helis etc. is just too steep for me at the moment and I'd rather tighten up my piloting skills before investing in more expensive machines (I've about 200 flights logged in total).

Bearing that in mind, would I really need 8 channels? I figure if a new DX6 would serve me well enough for a couple of years with Blade BNFs (with all flight modes/features working), I figure I could always sell it and upgrade to more channels further down the road should I choose to buy a decent kit heli.
The forward programming would still allow me to tune any FBL and gyro settings would it not?

Reading up on the DX8 and the rechargeable battery, since it's essentially an afterthought (like there's no way to tell when charging is complete - and it takes 24 hours to charge!) I'm not really that fussed by it. I've got some nice 2400mah Energiser AA cells which charge within an hour and always give me enough juice for the limited flying I do in a day (10 flights or so maximum usually). Easily and cheaply replaced too.

The price difference between the DX6 and 8 here is significant (180~$220 vs. 280~$350 respectively) and the difference is ~half a Blade 150s or 230s

I have seen a supposedly lightly used DX8g2 going for about 160 at present (probably hit over 200~$245 by the time it's done) which I'm considering bidding on, but after my DX6i experience I'm a bit loathe to go second hand again.

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