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Default Size Comparison

So here's the 300X next to my 470LP if anyone is interested in size. Mind you I have modded the skids on the 470 added XL Power 520 skids to it so it does stand a bit taller, and the 300 I had a set of 450 SuperSkids, they have slots in them and just screwed right on. Where I fly, I live out in the country, the ground is very lumpy and uneven so for me wider skids help a lot especially with this 300 as the skids are very narrow and it's difficult to land level, unless I take a board out for it. The 200 super skids are 4" wide and 6" long the 450's are the same length and 5" wide. You can get these on Amazon, just search for 200 SuperSkids and you will find them if interested, the ones on mine the 450's are just a bit larger. The 200's I think would be perfect. I ordered a set of 200's so I will post a pic when I get them. I got mine back in the Blade 230S days, they come in black on Amazon. Anywho, enjoy!!!!!
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