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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
I really do like my DX9. The charge light and a couple other things made me go for that over the DX8 when I decided my DX6 G3 wasn't enough. I only got $100 out of that and it was like brand new. It got me going though.
What finally made you decide the DX6 wasn't enough?

I'd love a DX9, but the price is just too steep for me at the moment. Especially as I'd like to pick up another heli this season (probably the 150s or 230s).
The charge light and vibe would be nice, but I can live without I think.

I have to say I don't understand some of HH's decisions, tacking on the afterthought lipo to the DX8 (why not even a charge light on the charger?), the blue canopy on the Nano, green canopy on the 150s etc!

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