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I just had to look up what bank switching was... It does sound pretty useful I have to admit.

I don't suppose you know if Spektrum Panic (rescue?) Is supported by the DX6? I know I couldnt get it work on the 6i with my Nano.
I'll do some more research in to OpenTx over the weekend, and try to decide what the bloody hell I want to do going forward.

What radio?
Sell or keep the B400?
Just fly the Nano this year and build up skill? Or buy another micro - 150s? 230s? Wildcard OMP M2?

Update OT....
I took apart the 6i again earlier this evening, gave the elevator pot a very aggressive clean (well, as aggressive as you can get with a Q tip) and teased out the feeler contacts a touch more to provide a more positive contact. It worked, got through ten packs and managed to cut a little grass for the first time with the Nano 🙂

That said, the rudder pot seems to have gone a bit rogue now, pulling to the left! I managed to workaround it using some sub trim, but that's poor form and it's obvious that this TX's days are numbered. Certainly won't trust it with the B400 again.

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